When you think about all of the different leather options/materials that are available when making a shoe, you begin to realize that it is really quite mind boggling how many millions of combinations could take place. Take a saddle shoe for example, like the one above by Scarpe di Bianco. For a traditional saddle, you generally have either 3 or 4 pieces of leather whereby the saddle and heel counter (in this case there isn’t one) match in leather/color and the vamp and quarter match in another leather/color. So looking at the shoe presented, imagine how many different variations could take place, just on the saddle, let alone the vamp and quarter areas. And I really feel that it is an absolute art being able to pick out the best possible options to not only make the best looking shoe, but also one that many people will like and want to buy. This has probably been my biggest challenge in regards to my line, trying to create color combinations that I feel separate me from every other designer, yet not going too extreme so that I don’t become considered ‘trendy’ or ‘fashiony.’ It’s a fine line, I tell you…. But I do quite like this model here as I feel that pebble grain leather often goes overlooked, yet can produce such a beautiful shoe that can stand the test of time…..

3 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Scarpe di Bianco Saddle Shoes”

  1. Justin,

    I don’t particularly like pebble grain leather but the subtlety of two varing shades of the same colour is what I suggested to you in reply to your post of 6th March – “Some more JF prototypes”

    It seems that a potential market demand for it has been identified.


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