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Today’s Favorites – Alden Blue Suede Tassel Loafers

Sometimes I almost wish that I did not have a favorite color, because that way I would be a little less aggressive in gravitating towards the same things, and therefore have a wardrobe that is a little bit more varied. But I do have a favorite color and as you can probably gather from the statement prior and the picture above, it is blue. And because I love blue so much and wished that it was used on the feet of more men on the planet, you can understand why I am always talking about blue shoes and putting them on the blog, such as these lovely beauties by Alden. And while I love a blue calf leather, I think that I almost prefer shoes in a blue suede. Something about the suede just seems to give the color a bit more depth, a bit more of a rich feel to it, which is why I feel that the blue goes better with jeans and blue calf leather doesn’t…. Whatever the case, the fact remains, I love blue and blue shoes and for all of you that share the same sentiment….be ready for a few new executions in the idea of blue shoes….

Picture Courtesy Of: Tassels

8 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Alden Blue Suede Tassel Loafers”

  1. Hi,Since you seem to me very reliable when it comes to shoe care, I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me the real difference between, say "black polished" and "black calf" shoes? Church's is also well known for offering the former. Is the care the same for both? Do the former ones also last years as the latter? I have just bought a black polished pair, and later realized that I'm in fact ill-prepared for their care. Many thanks in advance for your help.

  2. Anon – In all honesty I cannot say what "black polished" means. The only thing that I can think of between the difference is that the leather could come natural (almost white-ish in color) and then at the Church's factory, they put their own finish on it to maybe give it a patina type look. Black calf would be leather that has been tanned and dyed at the tannery and comes black already. That would be my guess…and as I am not sure, I unfortunately cannot say much more since I don't want to give you any false information. But I look at this and think that it's just fancy wording that Church's may use to set themselves apart….-Justin

  3. Hi,Thanks for having taken time to reply to my request. To understand what I am getting at, the best way would be to get a look for instance at Church's classic line. Though in black color, few pairs are either in " black calf black" or in "polished binder black".

  4. Anon – Ah okay, I see what you are saying now. The binder leather is a cheaper way for shoe companies to make a leather that always looks glossy (almost patent-like) and is pretreated (I suppose chemically) with a layer of gloss over the actual leather, hence their use of the word 'polished'. These do not need to be shined as much, most cleaned as they are always shiny. -Justin

  5. Thanks for this shed of light. Yet another important side of my question is still unanswered,namely, do these kinds of shoes last as long as the others? Or is there any differences? I apologize for bothering you with this issue. It happens that I have just bought one pair from a Northampton shoemaker, and now really wonder whether it was a good choice. Again sorry for straying away from your current top posts.

  6. Thank you. So the best thing I should do would be to start thinking about their quick replacement. Look, Justin, this is the kind of information of the highest importance that one expects to read on your blog!

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