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The sun has finally stayed out longer than 5 minutes here in London, and I am sure that everyone living here is finally at peace after a very long and horrible winter. What this means for us shoe fanatics is that we can now break out our colorful shoes that have been collecting dust in the old wardrobe for the last 8 months! I have always loved a red suede driving loafer, having bought my first one while studying shoemaking in Florence. It was quite a crappy model so it’s lifespan was dismal, but luckily for me and my desires, Hugs & Co. managed to add one to their collection this summer at the low price of 65. As I needed a fresh update, I thought that this would be a nice addition to my small collection of driving loafers and summer shoes and thus just so happened to break them out the other day when the sun finally decided to show itself. What’s also nice is their new burgundy suede tassel loafer, which just might tempt me for my next acquisition as it’s not often that you find burgundy suede and I believe that it is such a lovely color. Anyway, thought that some of you color enthusiasts, like myself, would appreciate seeing some tones in the reddish spectrum, and well for those of you that aren’t, you can still find all of the classically dark colors on their site too….. To everyone in London today, do enjoy the sun!

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