Mr. Hare's Quest for Blue Shoes!
It’s rare that I put a “designer” brand on the blog. Most of the designer labels are quite appalling in my opinion, but when it comes to Mr. Hare, I have always appreciated his execution of design. Where as I see my own brand as classic with a modern twist, I feel that his have always been modern with a classic twist. The other way around, means that while his base foundation involves making things quite unique and different, they never stray too far from the norm as many other designer labels tend to do. That is why many of his models have appealed to me through the years (especially the one atop), as they truly show that a bit of thought was put into the idea of being different, but not ostentatious. I can’t say however, that I am such a fan of the pre-glossed/bookbinder leather that he prefers to use, but then again I also know that this is also a great deal to do with the fact that the shoes are made in Italy and it is the preferred leather of choice for Italian “designer” shoes. But hey, it’s not like Marc is pretending to make GY welted classic shoes, so I can’t really knock him for it. He does what he does and that I respect. And of course, I can’t help but love the fact that the majority of his Spring/Summer line consists of blue shoes!

Mr. Hare's Quest for Blue Shoes! Mr. Hare's Quest for Blue Shoes!


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