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Image courtesy of The Fine Young Gentleman
Image courtesy of The Fine Young Gentleman

You don’t often see red pebble grain. You don’t often see red shoes altogether. What I like about this pebble grain by Scarpe di Bianco though is the fact that it makes the red a lot more subtle and thus wearable. Without that grain in place and just being a plain calfskin, it would be a tough shoe to wear. But having it be a grain, for me, makes it a bit easier to swallow. I know that most people would probably still have a hard time wearing it but I think that it would create a nice contrast paired with with more flannelly/heavy cloths. I like that about Di Bianco, the fact that are not afraid to do things that are a bit more daring, a bit more unconventional. A red pebble grain brogue: unconventional, but cool! And what lovely lines on that sole. An underrated brand as I have been saying all along!


3 thoughts on “Red Pebble Grain by Scarpe di Bianco”

  1. I first saw these shoes in picture in 2016 and have been for them ever since. I just discovered the name brand- Scarpe di Bianco. Are your aware of any place that may still have a pair?

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      you would probably have to get directly in touch with the company for a potential made to order pair. Email with the link to this post to see if acquiring a pair is still possible

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