The Galosh boot, as it is called, by Le Majordome is very unique and intriguing. It is one of their latest creations from Fall/Winter 20/21 and has already garnered a few interesting orders from their clientele, as you can see here.

For those that are not familiar with Le Majordome, or LMD as they often go by, they are a Swiss brand that specializes in width offerings via MTO shoes. Whilst they have a growing RTW collection, much of what they offer, and sell, are MTO shoes/boots. This model here being quite unique, was intended for the MTO service and as you can see here already has some cool combinations achieved by their clients. I particularly like the striking combination at the top of the post. It is very intriguing as it encapsulates spring-like coloring with the ruggedness of a Winter boot. Perfect for those cold, sunny, winter days.

MTO turnaround times are quoted at 10 weeks with LMD so get those in asap to grab these boots while the weather is still chilly!



2 thoughts on “Unique Winter Boots by Le Majordome”

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Hey Tony, 95% of what I show here is not my own nor do I sell them. Most of the time I do not know the prices either. I research to find the good shoes. But if readers want to take it to the next level, its up to them to find those details. I always list the makers and link to their site

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