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Paul Parkman is steadily inching closer and closer to classic shoes with a twist, as opposed to twisted shoes with some classic. Each new model looks more and more reminiscent of something that a dress shoe brand would have in their collection and while some of the shoes are still quite crazy, some are extremely appealing, as is their new split-toe apron chelsea. Currently coming in two colorways , I really like the brown pair. I could easily see that fitting underneath most of what I wear. The Green is super cool too, but it doesn’t touch the brown in terms of versatility and ease of wearing. But green is cool. Brown is more common.


The pattern is what I found to be quite intriguing. As opposed to a floating apron, they piped it and continued it up the front part of the shaft with a nice curved line that someone follows the shape of the gore side piece. It was clever to be honest. Not what I would expect, but extremely appealing and once that jean covers the shaft part (or trouser for that matter), well no one would know the difference anyway and it would just look like a super cool chlesea boot!


One thing that I like about Paul Parkman’s way of doing business is that they do not really release models by seasonal collections but rather it would appear that each month there are new models or new colorways of existing models, keeping you watching out constantly and consistently having something fresh to the collection. I would love to be like this but it is more common for someone who has fast turnaround times, which Paul Parkman does. In fact, I believe they make pair by pair with a 2 week turnaround. That’s a good business!

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