Bally was once a brand well respected in the high end shoe industry.  Now, most new people to the industry would probably never think about Bally when it comes to a solid option and even more extreme and realistic possibly not even know the brand at all. Times have changed.


When you look at the Bally site or see the shoes in person, most of them are highly throwaway fashion style, blake stitched out of Italy and not worth the price tag that accompanies. But then there is the Bally Scribe line which was always Bally’s answer to quality footwear, much like Santoni’s welted Limited Edition line. The Scribe line  is goodyear welted and used to be made in Switzerland, where Bally is from. To be quite honest as I do not keep up with the brand, I do not know if that prodcution still hails from there but they are still making the welted footwear line, as is seen in this ‘Scotch’ model.

As I mentioned before I do not keep up with what Bally is doing but apparently I fit the target market that they market to on Facebook as I came across an add and saw this interesting oxford. I was intrigued so delve further into the matter by clicking the add and seeing what I could find. I won’t lie I was surprised by what I found. While a lot of fashion was going on, I was very intrigued by the design of many of the models. Especially a lot of their Winter boots which are unlikr anything I have seen before. They look pretty sturdy. And many of the oxfords are quite unique in design.

If you look carefully, while charging $1000 for open channel work is a but much the quakity of the stitching and punching on the uppers is superb. And the leather looks flawless.

While this might not be the usual that I speak on, don’t sleep on Bally. They can and still do make a good shoe, when they want.

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10 thoughts on “Bally Scribe – ‘Scotch Oxfords’”

  1. I have a pair of Bally Scribe monks – the quality is really excellent and a slightly more European design a bit like Vass. Came with beautiful lasted trees too. I’m no expert but as a punter I’d rate them near Edward Green or Lobb.

  2. Great post! I just purchased a pair of the ‘Scotch’ model from their ‘Scribe’ line, and your inclination is correct about Bally. 90% of Bally’s shoes’ are blake stitch construction from Italy, expect for the aforementioned ‘Scribe’ line. Which are still all produced in Switzerland and Goodyear welted. The price is a bit ridiculous at $1000+ but that’s to be expected from high fashion brands such as Bally, Ferragamo, etc. You can often pick up the ‘left over’ Scribe models at their outlets for $400-$600. Which I think is a much more responsible price considering the high cost of labor in Switzerland. I will say the leather quality is extremely good. Nonetheless, at full retail price, there are definitely shoes that offer a better value.

  3. Yes I bought a pair of Bally scribe shoes (Rejon) in 2014/15. Other than the normal tear and wear they are still in excellent condition (the stitches are as tied as before). At some point I thought they would outlast me. Anyway I think the quality and durability are of top notch. No compliant especially I got them at a 50% discount!

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