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A few months back, I highlighted a new brand on the scene, Ace of Spades, who have been making some very uniquely-niche pieces of footwear paying home to the spade sole era. And since then I have kept a close eye on them and have been thoroughly impressed with nearly everything they produce. And I won’t even lie, I probably would not wear a spade sole but when it comes to design, execution, and craftsmanship, they are really doing it well and knocking it out of the park!

Their latest feature, this incredibly beautiful balmoral boot, really left me floored in awe. The details in the design are really well thought out and executed flawlessly. And I do not know if this was done by the brand or a customer ordering but whoever had this vision has a real eye for complementary design/color coordination. The incorporation of that brown museum coupled with burgundy suede and its red/gold accents just flows so amazingly well that I do not think that I could have even envisioned that myself! Well done to whoever was the person that mentally created this and turned it into a reality worthy of fine praise.

I can see this being a big hit for those of you out there that like things a bit more daring. And I look forward to seeing it in other color combinations.

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