If you snowboard, you are familiar with this type of boot. It’s the cousin of the classic alpine style boot, where the alpine style came from ski boots, this style IMHO originated from snowboard boots. How do I know? Well, I used to be a snowboard instructor and have seen many boots with this style of lacing and naturally even owned a pair myself 19 years ago. Knowing that many designs in this world are simply an interpretation of something else, two and two can only lead me to four here. And there is nothing wrong with that. Making a dress style from something more casual is always a project that I myself love to undertake. LMD and I are similar in that, as they appear to do the same quite often.

And while Le Majordome did not create this design originally they have definitely made the best interpretation of it. This style has been on ladies’ fashion boots for a while now. I know this as I have bought my wife some Uggs with this style of lacing. And I have always liked it, naturally, as I once was a decent snowboarder, yet sadly not anymore ;-( .

It’s good to see LMD taking chances with bold models such as this. Bold for men, that is. It is not often you see men wearing this type of boot but as I argue as well with the “smart city hikers”, it’s better to have a practical yet elegant functional winter boot than carry your dress shoes with you whilst wearing a pair of Timberlands or LL Bean Duck boots with your suit. If you have ever been to NYC in the Winter you know exactly what I am talking about. I love a nice duck boot but here it’s a yearly invasion of them come Winter. I would much rather see a smart gent dancing over the snow in a pair of these bad boys tucked under his flannel trousers making Winterwear look smart. Wouldn’t you?

LMD currently only offers these as a custom model but promises turnarounds in 10 weeks. So there is still time to get your order in for the worse weather months of Jan-March. So get those orders in asap!

Learn More: https://lemajordome.ch/us/


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