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I like the Sun but I am not a Summer guy. Growing up in Seattle the most beautiful season there is easily Autumn and the weather all year round is most similar to Autumnal weather in any regular city that does not rain 50% of the time. With that in mind, Autumn has always been my favorite. Sartorially, it has been mainly for two reasons. 1. I love boots. And 2. I love to layer my clothes. I love jackets. I love sweaters. I love scarves. And you can always add more clothes if you are cold. You can’t exactly take your skin off in Summer when you are dripping sweat from humidity. So, yea, I love Autumn.

And in the Autumn, you need your go-to pieces. We all have them. Whether it’s a jacket or a pair of boots, we all gravitate to something. I love suede boots. They are so easy to wear and I dont mind to get mine wet or dirty as they are easy to clean, unlike calfskin which involves far more upkeep.

C&J ‘Coniston’ courtesy of @selvedgeline (IG)
EG ‘Galway’ courtesy of @collectionsoftime (IG)

I love all suede boots and have an all-suede boot in nearly every style of boot. Since we have established that most aren’t keen on suede oxford boots what I have seen more people wearing are suede derby boots (really not a difference between them so wonder why people are more prone to go that route but thats another post). And you can see that here. And the go-to color is usually dark brown suede. Its easy and goes with more autumnal clothing.

Being that I am not a derby guy, in general, surprisingly enough I just got my hands on the ones that I am wearing and have already put some good use to them. And I like them. They suit my casual look that I so often gravitate towards as I continue to do the grubby day to day work like move stock, shine shoes and unpack incoming boxes, constantly getting my hands dirty ;-). So the derby boot look goes.

And I have a feeling they will be getting a lot of use this Autumn as I slowly grow more accustomed to the derby style. And of course, dark brown suede, all day.

Do you have a pair?

Carmina boots courtesy of @weltandbarrel (IG)

J.FitzPatrick Boots (JF Line ‘Columbia’)

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  1. Juan Manuel Ballesteros Allué

    I’m not a boot kind of guy (maybe chukka boots cut it…) but those ones you’re showing (off) are absolutely gorgeous! And I agree, suede is great… Thanks for the post!

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