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My original desire for starting a shoe company was ultimately for one basic reason: ‘to see men wearing better shoes.’ It was a simple idea. I saw bad shoes being sold everywhere in the US. And I saw men buying those bad shoes. I wanted to change that. I wanted to educate men on good footwear and then be able to offer it to them. And that was the quest that I set off for, some 15 years ago. And here I am today, 7 years into my shoe brand, J.FitzPatrick Footwear, and now the launch of our new ‘JF Line’

For those of you curious, allow me to explain the reasoning behind the JF Line.

Through the 7 years of having our J.FitzPatrick line, I noticed something about our customers, how they bought, what they bought and what they came to us for. Little did I realize that I had carved out a niche and reputation for being the brand that brings you ‘button boots, two-tone shoes, saddle oxfords, spectators, shoes with denim, blue, green and burgundy footwear’ and the like. But what people did not look to get from my brand were the super classics.

I noticed this when I introduced chukka boots and they did not have the sell through that I felt they should have had, as a super versatile and classic beater-type boot that most normal men own at least one pair of. And it made me ask myself why? And it dawned on me that for certain classic shoes, you cannot reinvent them. You cannot really make a chukka boot so much better or different. A chukka boot is a chukka boot. So why would someone buy one from me for around $450 when they can get one cheaper at brands like Herring or Meermin? They wouldn’t and that is what I noticed. And it made sense, too. 

On top of that, I know that people wanted to support our brand and my journey but maybe did not want to get a pair of button boots to start their sartorial journey into fine footwear and/or did not have a $400-$500 budget. So, I wanted to be able to reach these people that potentially felt left out, as I never intended to make super classic shoes for the J.FitzPatrick line, outside of one or two models. Therefore, the idea of the JF line was born. The idea to offer classic models at entry-level pricing, still in tune with the idea of having a small JF twist, and good value for money but not going so bold and refined as the J.FitzPatrick line does.

We hope that you enjoy this line as much as we do and find something that is right for you. Please read more below for the technical details of the shoes.

To kick things off, we are putting them on Pre-Sale, starting at the incredible price of $195. Full price will start from $250 (for loafers) and $275 (for lace shoes). We have already placed the order and the collection is in production. The stock that is listed will be all that is available and it is due to be complete by the 31st of July and arrive to us at some point in early August. 

European PreSale Orders will be shipped directly from Spain to your address, thus not incurring custom’s duties payments.

Thanks as always to everyone for their support. Without all of you, this would not be possible for me!

-Justin FitzPatrick

6 thoughts on “A New Entry Level Welted Line – Just Launched”

  1. Juan Manuel Ballesteros Allué

    Just had a look at it… and… wow. Yes, wow!
    I think it no doubt is a good idea, as I somehow missed some of more, say classic models (I am myself way classic, lol). These new ones have indeed that air but with the unmistakable JFP twist (= elegance, sleek line, comfort, something else…)… Well done!

  2. Justin just had a look and the shoes look incredible, congratulations. How do these shoes compare spec wise to your regular line? I see they have leatherboard heel stiffeners which is impressing.

  3. “On top of that, I know that people wanted to support our brand and my journey but maybe did not want to get a pair of button boots to start their sartorial journey into fine footwear” –> Agree and 100% my thoughts since a long time.

    Your regular line in majority, imho, is too daring for a freshman being into fine footwear.
    Magnolia and Redmond are the most classic, but except black they always used to come in museum calf…

  4. I ‘ve just read some thoughts of a wise man.
    You do not become happy by just earning money but by making other people happy.
    Thank you!

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