Black Friday


Black Friday has begun!

At least for most brands, that is. I know that you just want to get to the nitty gritty so let us take a look below at some of the brands that have started (or will soon be starting) and what they are offering!

Black Friday

J.FitzPatrick Footwear


All core RTW models are priced at 20% off. But there is a catch. If you add two pairs to your cart, you get a further discount on both pairs, and if you add 3 or more you get another further discount on all pairs in the cart. Accessories are not discounted.

New, incoming A/W models are at 10% off but do not qualify for the increased discount

Cyber Monday offers waived MTO Fees. They are automatic so simply purchase an MTO on the site and see $150 disappear for shoes and $175 disappear for boots (disappear off the total price).

All discounts automatic

Live now

Start here:


Crockett & Jones


No Black Friday discount posted as of yet, but plenty of cool new models to look at. I do believe they will have their Winter Sale in the coming months so stay tuned for that.

Check back on Friday to see if they might post something then.

Start here:




As per usual, Carmina’s main deal is a free belt to match your shoe purchase.

Another offer they always have is a further 15% discount on their men’s outlet shoes and a further 20% discount for their ladies’ outlet shoes

Discount automatic at cart

Live now, until the 29th

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Paul Parkman


Select models are up to 50% discount

Live now through Cyber Monday

Discounts already taken, filtered by size

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No Black Friday discounts, but have a lot of great offerings in both shoes and clothing in their ‘Outlet’ stock

Start here:


TLB Mallorca


A free belt and wax polish with shoe purchase.

Starts Friday. Early access for newsletter subscribers. Ends Sunday. No Cyber Monday discounts

Start here:


Septieme Largeur


UP to €70 off their patina shoe collection. The price includes the patina. A great deal for those patina lovers

Live now through Sunday.

Start here:




Nothing posted as of yet. Check back on Friday

Do check their Odd’s and End’s stock for some great discounts though!

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Gaziano & Girling


Starting Friday, 25% off selected RTW models. They are getting rid of 12 models to make way for new ones. Those will be the ones discounted

Start here:


Stefano Bemer


Up to 50% off select RTW models

Live now

Start here:


Cobbler Union


Up to 50% off RTW models. An extra 10% off if you subscribe to their newsletter

Now live until last day of November

Start here:

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