As we have fully immersed into Autumn, my boots have been at the forefront of my wardrobe selection. Ironically, today it up into the high 60’s, which is very strange for Weather in November in NYC. Stramge or not I took full advantage of it to have one last hoorah with light-colored trousers/suede loafers before they hit the closet not to be seen until March-ish.

As you can see, jeans-wear is a big part of my daily rotation but I am trying to break away from that with more and more chinos and proper trousers. I need to start preparing my outfits the night before, in reality, so I can start to get more creative with them. With a young baby, I have to grab my outfits in the dark each morning, which leads to gravitating to similar things each day. Hence the the simplicity of my combinations 😉

But soon I will start to make an effort and break out my two inch turn-ups. And show how nice flannel trousers can pair well with a set of city hikers (two of which you see above and below).

Wishing everyone a great weekend and hope that you have enjoyed viewing a small selection of my Daily Wears. Which one is your favorite?

2 thoughts on “My Daily Wears – Nov 6th”

  1. Favorite would be the outfit with your patinad Snoqualmie. When you have a young baby around (congrats btw!!!), that is the perfect time to turn against the tide and wear your finest trousers IMO

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