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Brown Suede Boots


Suede often gets a bad rap as a delicate material. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth though and suede is often my go-to choice during our colder, rougher months.

And my go-to model is the Snoqualmie City Hiker in Dark Brown Suede by J.FitzPatrick Footwear. The soft material combined with the super comfortable commando sole leaves my feet feeling nice and cozy for these colder Winter days. And even though it is suede, its practicality level is unmatched outside of the snowy season. I often wear these on rainy days and as you can see, they have aged just fine after about 30 or so wears.

Dark Brown Suede


Good Suede is Good for Rain

Many higher-end welted brands use Charles F Stead suede for their shoes/boots which has been scotch guarded during the tanning process to create strong water resistance.

So, the misconception that suede is not good for rain is actually misguided. Cheap suede in light colors is not good for rain. But high-quality suede, especially in darker colors, takes rain like a champ. We know because we constantly test that and wear our brown suede boots in the rain!

The boots you see me wearing in this post have taken many beatings in the rain since last Winter.

Dark Brown Suede



The beauty of Dark Brown suede as a great option for Autumn/Winter is that its color is so versatile and coordinates well with the colors we often see not only in nature but also in Winter fabrics like tweed/wool/flannel etc. A dark green, for example, and as shown above and below, really compliments dark brown suede. Not to mention most shades of blue and navy. Being so versatile as well as practical makes them an easy candidate for most outfit choices: both these and my dark brown suede chelseas. In fact, I wear them both far too often!

If you are looking for a solid Winter boot that first both form and function, the Snoqualmie is a sure thing. It pairs well under smart trousers and can take the worse weather we know!

Jacket by: Timothy Everest
Scarf by: Altea
Tie by: R.Culturi
Trousers by: Yeossal
Socks by: Mes Chaussettes Rouges
Boots by: J.FitzPatrick


Dark Brown Suede

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