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So many of you may remember me asking a few weeks ago for your opinion on a certain number of images and I believe that I explained it was for a pocket square project that I, The Shoe Snob, am undergoing with my friends at R.Culturi, who are retailers of ties, scarves and pocket squares.

I thought that I would show you all the evolution of the project and while what you are seeing here won’t be the final products, I thought it would be cool to show you nonetheless. I have been intrigued myself into how it has all panned out from the beginning as I am not in the pocket square world (pattern printing) and it is very different than the shoe world.

The top image is our latest creation, and in sequential order from below to the very bottom is the newest to oldest. So you can kind of see how it is changed at each point from simple ideas to something much more.

We will have a few options going with different shoes in different settings and they will soon be ready for sale. So if you fancy this a cool project and think that you would potentially wear one, stay tuned or get in touch with me at to get on a list to be the first made aware of their release.

Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’

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