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I have not been paying attention to currency for that long in reality. Mainly since I started my shoe brand (9 years ago), and therefore started buying in Euros and selling to Americans in British Pounds. Back then, the GBP was around 2 to 1 against dollars and 1.4 Euros to 1 GBP. So I cannot tell you when it was the last time that the US Dollar was equal to the Euro (if ever) and only $1.18 to the GBP. And while it seems like everything is getting more expensive for us in the US, shopping abroad (namely in the EU) just got infinitely cheaper.

And again, while I am no economist and cannot predict the trend of the currencies I never trust that anything so good (for those outside Europe, sorry Europeans) stays around so long. That being, while the best shoe brands of Europe that otherwise can cost an arm and a leg, are currently at an all-time low in price, now would be your time to strike on your holy grail G&G, EG, JL, St.C, Scarfora, Bemer, Aubercy, Corthay, TLB, Carmina, C&J and the like.

I fear it won’t stay long. Honestly, I hope it does to be quite frank as it has never been so favorable to pay my factory, and when you are sending ten’s of thousands of dollars at a time it hurts to lose a few thousand in currency exchange. So, if you are like me, and care about saving a buck or two thousand, or more, now is the time to get on to that EU/UK shopping. Personally, I fear it is only a matter of time before the dollar tanks so let’s ride this train while we can!

Happy Shopping!


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6 thoughts on “Shoes On The Cheap As The Euro And British Pound Weaken”

  1. The USD might stay stronger for longer as long as the EU is being affected by Ukraine, looking recession, inflation and Brexit. A global recession pushes a flight to safety and that’s the USD …. Still if you can get them now as these things can turn fast as perception changes. Happy hunting

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Yes, everything now is volatile. Who knows how long it will stay in favor of the USD, but I don’t imagine long

  2. Exchange rate is not passed on to benefit Americans all USA transactions are priced in dollars as if nothing has changed. The only change is shipping charged has increased greatly.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      not true. Many small brands that do not have international locations and fulfillments are priced in Euros. For example, Septieme Largeur. You pay them in Euros and therefore benefit. Same with TLB Mallorca.

  3. I love all the shoes you’ve been showing me but you never showed me where I can buy them from please get in contact with me thank you

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thank you. To get the info you want, you have to do more than just look at the photos. You have to read the text too as I always provide the contact info of the shoemaker whose shoes I am referencing, or at least a name underneath the photo so that you can find it yourself on google.

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