The Shoe Snob x R. Culturi Project – Which Image Do You Prefer?

My pocket square project with R.Culturi is nearly coming to fruition, just making some finishing touches to our three designs. One thing that myself and my friend are trying to figure out though and are stuck on is deciding which of the two of these designs looks better.

We both have a different opinion so would be great to get your guys’ feedback to settle the score!

Really look forward to getting this off of the ground and being apart of something different.

Thanks to all those that help out with their comment’s on which colorway they prefer.

Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’


5 thoughts on “The Shoe Snob x R. Culturi Project – Which Image Do You Prefer?”

  1. I prefer the top one with red border.
    This way, you can decide to fold the pocket square to show some red borders, or you can fold it so we only see the middle, which is blue. That’s one of the biggest advantages of Rubinacci pocket squares, since they have so many colours.
    With the bottom blue one, you don’t have such choice.

  2. The one with the red square is a serious winner over the other pock square since the other one is simply too blue. No question in my mind. It will be interesting to see the final choice. xxx Robert

  3. I do agree the top has a nice contrasting shoestring border…but I think both have interesting color mixes and can both be versatile! I would get the bottom, especially with an orange or yellow border to go with all the deep blue just past border. With that said, they both working with a lot of outfits with top maybe a touch more versatile.

  4. Definitely the red border for me, it gives far more options depending on the way you fold it. Its also a welcome difference to the usual blue and orange or blue and purple.

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