Up & Coming Shoemaker – Fumu SG

Up & Coming Shoemaker - Fumu SG

Following someone’s journey in the shoe world, is always something that makes me happy. Especially when I know that I had a part in influencing that journey. I am not famous by any means but I do know that many have read my story and gained inspiration from it and for me, that is one of the major reasons I wanted to start my blog. One of my goals was to inspire others like myself who had a passion but needed a nudge of inspiration to believe in themselves and I have been hoping since day one that my story and documentation of my journey helped some to provide that nudge.

The owner of Fumu SG, Tor Cheng Yao, has been a follower of The Shoe Snob for many many years now, one of the originals in fact. I could always tell that he was really into shoes, having met him at my Singapore trunk shows. We have since not spoken much in the last few years, as life has drastically changed for me and my travels to Singapore, but I have been watching him grow his passion on Facebook. While learning the art of bespoke shoemaking he created an online shoe accessory shop selling high-end products.

Up & Coming Shoemaker - Fumu SG Up & Coming Shoemaker - Fumu SG

And now, it would appear that he is giving us small previews of his bespoke collection which means that it must be coming soon. And I am very excited and happy for him. And I know he will be successful because when you have passion and perseverance, you cannot go wrong as long as you never give up.

Well done Tor!

Let’s support him by placing some orders to help boost his launch! We all need a friend in these trying times.


Up & Coming Shoemaker - Fumu SG Up & Coming Shoemaker - Fumu SG

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