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I am going to keep it short and sweet as it is a very busy Monday today, but I was floored when I saw these new Tarsal Brogue derbys by Norman Vilalta which are a part of his latest GMTO drop. These are perfect, no exceptions. I love to see Norman’s mind go to work and his creativity shine through. I am not a derby guy but these would get a lot of use by me. Easily. I can only imagine that many of you will feel the same. It is always refreshing to see shoemakers doing something uniquely theirs.

Two details that set this apart too: 1. The storm welt is a nice touch to enhance the smart casual nature of this brogue and 2. The asymmetric heel counter is a subtle design quirk that goes easily unnoticed but infinitely enhances the creativity of the design. My hat is always tipped to my dear friend Norman!

These are currently at the discount price of €720 (from €1220) and are on offer as a GMTO until December. You only need to make a 50% deposit to get started. See his site for more details.


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