New & Lingwood – Summer Chukkas in All Colors

New & Lingwood - Summer Chukkas in All Colors

The word ‘boot’ usually brings to mind Autumn/Winter feelings and thoughts of the corresponding attire but when thinking of a chukka boot, I tend to think of it as a go-to Spring/Summer boot. The casual nature of the chukka boot often sits better under the materials/styles we tend to wear in the summery months, such as chinos/denim/linens etc . Whereas our corduroys/wool/tweeds tend to pair nicely with leather boots, often high in nature and quite possibly with brogueing/detailing to them. Yet so often people still think of a chukka as an A/W product. Clearly New & Lingwood agrees with my sentiment and has launch a beautiful collection of suede Summer Chukkas coming on a very elegant crepe sole which I find to be the perfect example of a go-to chukka boot for the extremely hot season that we are in. And I love the fact that while opting for the classic colors, they also threw in a nice bold red suede for the more daring!!

Great selection here N&L!

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