Grenson x Foot The Coacher for Mr. Porter
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Balmoral boots, or boots in general, are back and as a maniac for boots, I am quite happy to see it. If you go on Mr. Porter, you will see the most extensive offering ever and it just goes to show how popular they have become again. Not that their selection is really that great, but one thing that they did choose well is this new found collaboration between Grenson and Foot the Coacher(Japanese designer). The models look to be made from the same standards as the G.Zero line, which is Grenson’s high end line made here in England, and if I am going to be dead honest look quite desirable. It’s always refreshing to see balmoral boots and even more so ones that are quite bold and relatively affordable. So, fair play to Grenson for going all out and good on Mr. Porter for stocking them. Now, let’s just hope to see someone in London wearing them!

Grenson x Foot The Coacher for Mr. Porter Grenson x Foot The Coacher for Mr. Porter


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