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There is a new shoe retailer based out of the US, called Welted Sole, that just recently launched their new online shop. They currently only stock J.FitzPatrick Footwear for shoes but are also offering Bresciani socks and Saphir shoe care. And this is just the beginning. Their plan is to open a showroom in the Orange County area and of course add more shoe brands to their range of products. But like in all new businesses, adding to them takes time….and money!

To launch their company, they are offering a pre-sale discount price of 20% off, on what they will order from J.FitzPatrick Footwear to arrive in Dec/Jan timeframe.

What they are specializing in is not only the offering of models that J.FitzPatrick Footwear does not even do on their own site but the addition of wide and narrow widths to their core models for those of you that have harder to fit feet and may not want to go down that MTO route.

So not only do you get narrow and wide options, on top of that until Sunday the 17th you get a discount on your purchase.

Check them out at††

Happy Shopping!

Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’

(all photos with the exception of the featured image, have been photoshopped to give you an idea of the color/model. More models being offered on their website)

5 thoughts on “Welted Sole – New Online Shoe Shop”

  1. Kind of tired about your self promotion. And you not covering your competitors. You only seem to cover makers whose prices are well beyond your offerings.
    This blog went downhill when you launched your own shoes.

    1. then stop reading Sam. Promoting my wholesale customers is actually promoting my biggest competitors as they potentially take retail sales away from me. That is someone else making me. Wholesale orders are more paperwork than real money. And recently I have written about Enzo Bonafe, Yanko, Fugashin, New & Lingwood, Crockett & Jones and Barbanera. Those are all direct competitors. Can’t help if the ones you want to see aren’t doing anything that excites me. Also this blog has always been about higher end brands. I don’t usually write about things sub ¬£300. See ya later.

    2. just for you Sam. 4 out of my last 5 posts all direct competitors of my price range or even lower to really steal my sales. Enjoy!

  2. So you offer wider sizes in a MTO? Or have I read this wrong. I have incredibly odd sized, flat wide feet and finding brands which fit me is an absolute pain

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