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Chukka Boots in Color?

I love a good chukka boot. But I have always mainly loved them in either suede or some sort of grain leather as I see chukka boots as something to wear casually i.e. with jeans, chinos, cords etc but not so much on a super smart level with a suit or anything like that. But the more that I see them in the wild (and online), the more that I am tempted by making them in calfskin leather in bold colors, particularly a nice burgundy or something of that nature. That brings me to this chukka here by Carlos Santos for A Fine Pair of Shoesthat I recently saw on Instagram that comes in this amazing shade of Emerald Green, as well as many other shades of beautiful colors. I won’t lie and say that I would wear this one here (green chukkas don’t do it for me personally) but they are striking nonetheless and I can imagine that this patina service on these chukka boots is going down a treat, which gives me some inspiration. So well done to AFPOS for going bold on this choice here and I look forward to seeing others, particularly a nice blue or grey one!!


4 thoughts on “Chukka Boots in Color?”

  1. I have a pair of Vass chukkas in green museum and love them. They are a bit of a niche pair, but then I do have the basics comprehensively covered.

  2. Derek Shakespeare

    Having good just seen this post,I’m particularly smitten with those beautiful green chukka boots. Absolutely stunning!

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