Boot Season is Back!
Edward Green, this and all of the others below too

I am not sure that anyone can deny that Edward Green is the current reigning champ when it comes to having an awesome boot selection. The Galway alone (as shown above) is probably among the coolest boots ever, not to mention their balmoral offering of the Shannon. The only thing that they are really missing is a button boot, but somehow I doubt that they would ever go through the trouble of making one of those. Either way, their selection is always top notch and now that the weather is hitting below certain numbers, it’s time to keep those feet warm by breaking those boots out. And any one of these shown would do me just fine!

Pictures courtesy of Leffot, Leather Soul, & Style Forum

Boot Season is Back! Boot Season is Back! Boot Season is Back! Boot Season is Back! Boot Season is Back! Boot Season is Back! Boot Season is Back!


8 thoughts on “Boot Season is Back!”

  1. I never really got the boot thing… Never interested in them… Then I bought that pair of g&g canturburys at the sample sale. Totally wrong, you were right… Dress boot convert here!!

  2. Those blue Galways look absolutely dreamy. Those dark oak / walnut country calf Galways look very familiar. 😉 I agree that EG are tops in the business for a diverse and impressive boot lineup.

  3. Justin,

    Not really related specifically to boots (dress boots maybe) but since this post focusses on Edward Green it’s maybe as good a place as any to ask you if you’ve had a chance to have a good look at the new EG 890 last and if you have any opinions (I’m sure you do!) and/or interesting industry insider extra background about it? A few people have been saying it’s EG’s answer to the G&G MH71. It certainly looks less aggressive than the G&G TG73 which to my eyes is a good thing. I haven’t seen the 890 in real life yet but I will be giving it serious consideration when I place my next EG MTO order.

    – Julian

  4. Justin, I’d love to see a follow-up “Boot Season” post from you with a massive photo-bomb of what you feel are some great boot designs from a cross-section of brands.

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