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The Swedish retailer Skolyx has made a name for itself through excellent customer service and a wide range of shoes from Spanish brand Yanko which you can find at their website. At the super trunk, they will kick-off a new venture which is a close collaboration with a brand new Mallorcan-based manufacturer called TLB. The new brand will be introduced closer to the event, but according to what Jesper, of Shoegzaing, has seen the new TLB brand is definitely some good stuff.

A quote from Shoegazing below:

“Skolyx collection is made in Spain and consists of some timeless variants of some of the classics, a plain cap toe oxford, a punched cap toe oxford and a double monk shoe of different leather choices like black, dark brown, light brown and brown suede. All made on a fairly neat last with classic round toe. Their†shoes are made straight and simple where they want to offer as much for the money as possible. The specs are relatively high for the price tag, with leather from well-known European tanneries like French Annonay, leather board heel stiffener (which is very rare in this price range), and a self-developed thin so-called city rubber sole. Making entry-level quality shoes with this kind of rubber sole makes sense, there are many who want to put on a rubber topy anyway, so this one will last even better and provides a very versatile shoe. The price for all models is ‚ā¨199. I have seen some samples myself and it definitely looks promising, and nice with even more good options in this price range.”

Come down to the event to check them out in person!!

To read more about the London Super Trunk Show April 2018, see the link that follows:

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