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It looks as if this week I am focusing on unique shoe designs as today I wanted to discuss this model that I recently found by Yanko, one of the Spanish shoemakers of Mallorca. To be honest I cant really say how I feel about it. Its definitely unique but am unsure if it is to my own personal taste. There are a lot of design features going on and I have yet decided if it is borderline too many or it is missing a heel counter. I am inclined to say that it is the latter as with all that is going on in the front it is then quite bare in the back. And in all honestly, I never understood shoe designs that have a short cap (whether wing or straight) and neglected the heel counter. I feel that the counter is a good detail that helps to give closure to the pattern.

But lets discuss all of the design aspects which are interesting to note. First and foremost, the obvious one is that the facing is of a different style of leather closing than that of the rest of shoe i.e. brogueing versus the classic 2 row-stitching. Its not often you see that switch made. Secondly, the fact that the brogueing is lacking the two small hole punches between every large hole punch. Another deliberate feature. Then you have the top line brogueimg that leads to what looks like a unique seam-piece closure of leather on the heel. Its not a counter but not your typical reinforcement leather design either from the looks of it.

You see there are many things to note with this shoe and I think I actually wore the shoe it would be hard to make a full judgment on how I truly felt about it. Either way, I can certainly appreciate them thinking outaide of the box and attempting design not done before. One always gets points for that as it is far too easy to create what has been done a million times before.

So lets hear all of your opinions. What do you guys/gals think of this design?


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

1 thought on “A Most Interesting Design By Yanko”

  1. It feels a bit too unbalanced for me, if I really wanted an “standout” shoe would have gone for something else, I guess Yanko is trying to achieve a very subtle “out-there” shoe with unexpected features that people wont notice until they pay attention and look close. I guess only shoe afficianados will truly appreciate the effort to make a unique design

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