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It is interesting to see how brands progress in their direction of what type of brand they become. There are mainly two in a very general sense. One that pushes the boundaries of design and comes up with their own looks and styles and one that keeps it classic and offers you solid shoes in styles that have stood the test of time. TLB has definitely emerged as a brand where you can find all of the classics in both style and color. You see that on their site when you find a model and it is offered in 4-7 colorways, mainly the ones that suit most men’s needs. And if for example, they are missing a burgundy option, chances are you will find it in the model very similar but maybe with added brogueing and/or medallion. It is hard to not find what you are looking for on the TLB site. The only thing that could be lacking is their loafers. But I am sure that more will be coming soon. At least I hope so!

Courtes of @thatguysshoes on IG

While keeping it mostly classic, I do love that TLB came out swinging with the very distinguished adelaide (as featured in the main image) in the Artista line that for me is one of the best adelaides out there. It is simple yet sharp and elegant and is one of those models you could easily own in several colorways. At least for the real shoe lovers out there. Some people like variety, others like me, find a model and then try to have it in all of the colors on offer. It comes in 7 colorways at present, all being calf leather. A smart yet interesting choice why they decided to omit suede as of now. A classic snuff, dark brown, and black suede I am sure would go down a treat with all of the TLB lovers out there. Black suede would be a real stunner. Let’s ee if they are reading my thoughts there. I am eagerly awaiting new SS2022 models but have yet to get a date on that.

Due to this classic nature of solid models in classic colorways, TLB has been a real fan favorite with the shoe lovers that tend to flock online. Their recently incorporated Custom Tool has helped to catapult that even further as they offer a solid selection of leathers but even more so an impressive turnaround time. But I think what most people have appreciated is the fact that they offer one of the best value for money scenarios in European footwear. The mainline is a solid welted shoe for a good price but even more impressive is the Artista line that gives you all of the details that shoe enthusiasts often dictate as the defining features of quality all for under $500.

If last year was a prequel of things to come then I am hopeful for exciting new models in 2022. After all, last year, they dropped the brogue U-Cap oxford that is among the coolest of 2021. See above. So, here is hoping that TLB drops some new gems for the design lovers out there that appreciate the classics, but like to stray from them and find themselves in something a bit more unique, so to speak!

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  1. Stanley Thomas

    Beautiful…just what I’ve been wanting; a site where I am sure to be pleased in selections of fine footware

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