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Norman Vilalta†comes from Argentina, originally as a lawyer, was trained in bespoke shoemaking by Stefano Bemer in Italy, and now works from a workshop studio in Barcelona. A couple of years ago he added a RTW range to accompany his bespoke footwear, which has been quite successful and now his RTW shoes are sold at various stores all around the world. He came onto the scene quickly and has made a major impact with designs that really have Norman’s name on them and most certainly set themselves apart from what else is being offered in the industry. Norman’s work is a breath of fresh air in what was becoming a stale environment!

Norman is known for his excellent ways of upgrading and modernizing the classic shoe tradition. His eye for design is excellent, needless to say, as Norman at heart is a true artist. Being a†mix of classic design with modern, special features like his super heavy rubber soles (on dress shoes) or a chelsea boot turned into chukka, is what makes Norman, Norman. With this he has in short time made a quite big imprint on the market for classic shoes. His RTW shoes cost around £700/‚ā¨820. Recently he also introduced a new RTW range made fully by hand to the same standard as his bespoke shoes. If you are interested in ordering bespoke, e-mail††to reserve an appointment (drop in also possible).

To read more about the super trunk show, click the following:†



  1. Your shoes are so beautiful and unique.. My grandson is coming to Barcelona to study for a semester and I would like to get him a pair of boots that he might not appreciate now due to his age, but I think it would be something to have for the rest of his life and I am sure would appreciate later as he ages. What type of boot would you recommend for a 20 year old student.

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