I love discovering new shoemakers. I love even more seeing new shoe designs though. Blend the two and it becomes a very exciting thing. German Bespoke shoemaker, Atelier Leonard Kahlcke is someone new to me and coming out with some very cool shoes. This penny loafer particularly caught my eye as something truly unique yet not overly crazy. A simple idea that is profoundly different and allows a lot of playfulness in the final product. A small detail, in this case, allows you to make infinite options, ranging from insanely bold to elegantly subtle. Here he shows just that, from a small change to a big difference in appearance. I love being bold but in this instance, I prefer the one below as feel that the subtle contrast actually complements the model very nicely.

While he has many other cool shoes on offer, I look forward to seeing what other combinations his clients come up with on this very cool and unique loafer!


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