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PIctures courtesy of Coccinella
Pictures courtesy of Coccinella

Saddle strap (not necessarily saddle per se, but full strap) loafers –like the one above– seem to be making a big come back these days. Putting the strap just on top of the vamp –like the one below– for me just isn’t as appealing anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I like them still, but something about that extending strap makes it more intriguing for me (and I am starting to believe that this might be the case for others too). This suede pair by Corno Blu is simply an exquisite example of one and literally every detail on the shoe is perfect. But then again, they are bespoke and by a Japanese maker, so one could hardly expect anything less than a flawless product!

Corno Blu, picture by Coccinella2

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