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I recently discovered a new maker on the scene and am sure glad that I did. Not only for the fact that he is doing things that no one else in this world is doing but because it is another case where my journey helped inspire someone else’s and that for me makes me more proud than anything and helps me feel comfortable knowing that I achieved my goals. So thank you to Brunon for sharing his feedback and doing what he does, which is something to behold.


I asked him to send me an email with some info about his shoes and he did an amazing job at writing almost like in interview format so thought it best to simply copy and paste his words verbatim to give you all of the info you need straight from the man himself. You will see it below, italicized as well as my commentary below, at the end of the post.

My name is Brunon Bierzeniuk and I’m from Gdynia, Poland. At the beginning of my journey with shoes I was into shoe care. I know your YouTube vids by heart and learned a lot about high shine polishing from you. So yes, I know about you for some six years now. I’ll say one more nice thing and then I’ll shut up – your story was probably one of those little pieces, that took me to where I am now as a maker. So thank you! I know you are an inspiration to so many of us out there.


Once, in August of 2019, I did quit my boring office job and sat down in my kitchen to see what I can do in shoemaking. Back then I was super serious about shoe shine and all that jazz. I’ve also read/watched a lot about the craft before. I bought myself some simple tools and made this one-off shoe, completely by hand:

I went to Warsaw with it, showed it to some great shoemakers there and they said that I got it and should go for it. So I did.

This white/tan one is my 9th pair I’ve ever done in my life. I used Zonta Goldanil and Opera Bianchetto suede combo for these. I’m 100% autodidact and I feel like this is only the beginning.

My waiting time is about 6 months. I always do lasts, fitting shoes, shoe boxes, lasted shoe trees etc. by myself. Due to lack of experience, I don’t charge more than 3000 euro for all of that. The best is to contact me via IG for details. I do bespoke only.

I’m fascinated by Japanese shoemakers. Their works, attitude, strive for perfection. From the old continent my fave is Patrick Frei and Anthony Delos. This pair was inspired by his work, btw. I do half shoes and currently I’m working on my first-ever ankle boots for Andre Simha. I previously did make one pair of boots, though.

I don’t know if you want more info from me. Ask, if that’s the case. Your post about my work is literally my dreams coming true and I really mean that! Thank you so very much!

I love his story. Mainly for the fact that he is self-taught and just ‘went for it.’ That takes a certain amount of fearlessness and I respect anyone that doesn’t let anything get in the way of achieving their dreams. And he is well on his way to becoming a great shoemaker. He has two very good role models to aspire to become. And I love that he mentioned Andre Simha and to know that Andre is supporting him. For those that do not know Andre Simha might be the shoe industry’s greatest supporter having ordered from nearly every shoe brand that is worth it’s salt.



But what inspired this post, truthfully, was this shoe shown. I won’t lie, I would not wear them, but I do love them. The design is so intriguing, so gutsy. And actually thinking about it, it’s not that I would not wear it, I love the upper, just not crazy about the white sole. But I love the idea of the spectator on steroids. And that line work on the upper is phenomenal. Not to mention the pitch on that heel and the perfect shape of it. You can feel the creativity that went into this. And that is what I love about it. It is inspiring. It shows that anyone can do anything they put their mind to. And that is a story I want to be a part of. If you do too, make sure to follow Brunon on IG and reach out when you are ready to get a pair of bespoke shoes.

His IG Page:


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  1. Thank you so very much for this, Justin. I feel like this is not happening in my reality. I will never be able to express how much it means to me…

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