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Frank Clegg, for me, is making the coolest leather goods on the market, at least for bags, which are what I really like. I don’t know why but I have always loved duffle bags and backpacks. I guess from my school days and accessorizing my backpack (I used to be a matching freak where all of my outfit had to be perfectly coordinated) and my days playing Soccer (Football) and always carrying my gear in a duffle bag (sporty style though). And even though those two items were not leather good quality at the time, the idea of them and styling them with my outfits stuck with me in my growth towards adulthood. Funny enough, I still have one of my duffle bags from youth. I do not use it anymore but cannot seem to get rid of it! Sentimental value and all.

Most leather goods are found in basic colors and with the day and age that we are in, with patina growing by the day and the idea of having something different than everything else out there, getting a bag in plain black or brown simply won’t appeal to all anymore. They want it different than the next man has it. They want a bold color, a gradient of shading, a two-tone combo or even just an antique look on a plain color. So unless the maker offers an extensive MTO program, you are out of luck. And I believe Frank Clegg does offer that, and quite frequently has special, limited edition pieces but while they bring something yellow, maybe you were looking for purple or red or purple mixed with red!

When I got my Frank Clegg bag in Shrunken grain, I already had the brown suede one so wanted to mix it up a bit and gave it to Greg Park, a patina artist situated in my shop in NYC and told him to go wild with it. I would not have picked purple myself, I do not often think too much of this color but actually love how it came out. The deep purple is actually quite regal and masculine while many might associate purple with feminity. It contrasts wonderfully with my attire and is most certainly unique. And now I have my eyes set on something blue/navy with a gradient like the one shown here. Stay tuned for that!

So if you are looking for a new bag but cannot find the color you want, fret not, as a good patina artist can make that happen. And Frank Clegg will supply you with the best American Made goods money can buy. I can testify to that!


2 thoughts on “Frank Clegg Duffle Bag Reinvented”

  1. Juan Manuel Ballesteros Allué

    FC leather things are outstanding and that bag sure is… Yet those suede wholecut oxford of yours are amazing…. can’t keep my eyes off them…

  2. I am not cool enough to go with the purple bags and a bit of a traditionalist. I have a couple of Frank’s bags. Oddly enough, I actually found him through his ad on your blog! I have both in the traditional bridle leather but his tumble leatherwork is just unbelievable. Great company to work with also. I also just received his lawyer’s briefcase!

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