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In the home of Patina, France (Paris to be exact), there is a group of gents, called Les Cireurs Parisiens, not only giving patina’s to any Joe’s shoes, but specializing in doing so on the classic Stan Smith shoe by Adidas. An iconic model without a doubt, the Stan Smith becomes immensely enhanced with a bit of unique coloring added to it. That is why these photos immediately caught my eye and interest. I always appreciated the Stan Smith model when I used to sell it at Nordstrom, but never actually purchased one (I did have Rod Laver’s though). I don’t know why but for some reason on it’s own it never truly grasped me. But seeing some of the colorways here, like the feature blue/grey and the tan pair, I must say that I would most certainly dabble in a pair of these. And it looks like others feel the same as well considering their IG page is full of Stan Smith shoes.

Always a pleasure to see a clever concept applied and I wish these guys well!


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