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The traditional dress shoe is a harder and harder sell these days. People don’t want leather soles, they ‘want to be comfortable.’ People can rock up to work in their jeans nowadays. And this is a corporate job we are talking about. Most guys want to thus wear something more casual due to this. Why wear a dress shoe when you can go casual? This is what they ask themselves. Sometimes, being ‘The Shoe Snob,’ I even catch myself slipping and ask the same! Go figure! But then I nearly always put on a pair of leather soles, so fret not!!!

But the look of ‘dress style’ is no longer the same look it was 20-50 years ago. It’s all different now. And here you see Septieme Largeur capturing this idea by fusing what looks to me like quite a casual sole on a very dressy upper. It gives the customer the best of both worlds. The comfort in the dress style. The casual sole to wear with their jeans or chinos. But the dressy upper to maintain elegance, a presence of ‘caring.’ Question is, will this take over? My answer, is ‘I sincerely hope not!’ Or I haven’t done my job properly!

And let’s not forget that beautiful patina which is Septieme Largeur’s specialty.


2 thoughts on “Fusing Dress + Casual = Septieme Largeur”

  1. Juan Manuel Ballesteros Allué

    Beautiful “goldilocks” pair… Problem is calling both worlds might end disappointing… both!
    And… you’re right and doing it well!!!! I do need, like and prefer leather shoes!

  2. I agree that times have changed and some flexibility to add a well-made rubber sole shoe into the wardrobe should be perfectly fine. Shoes are a part of an entire look and must fit the part…and men should not feel that they need to choose between super dressy (leather soles) and super casual…the two extremes. I like that higher quality shoes are now coming with a rubber sole to match the changing wardrobe styles.

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