I have been a huge fan of Frank Clegg’s work for a while now and have really been appreciating my travel duffle bags that I have, one in suede and the other in the shrunken grain. And while, travel has not so much been permitted as of late, I still get a lot of use out of it from short distance travel, especially for carrying shoes back from forth from my house to the shop, to the park for photoshoots. It’s actually been crazy handy for that alone, able to fit around 4 pairs of my small size. Maybe 3 pairs for more normal sizes 🙂

While I only have the two travel bags, I am becoming more enamored with other options they are starting to provide, particularly in their Shrunken Grain Series which now boasts quite the offering. I was struck by the backpack, if I am being honest. And if I am really being honest, the reason being is that I have always loved backpacks as I do not like to carry things in my hands. I went through years of it in London and while it made my shoulders nice and strong, I prefer to be carry-free but do not mind a backpack. The issue with most is that they do not suit the dress/dress casual lifestyle as are more catered to a sporty look. But this one, being elegantly cut in a nice, shrunken leather, appears to tick all boxes in functionality and dress appeal. That will be next on my list!

Frank Clegg continues to impress. Most recently they have added a very cool video of their making process. I wanted to share it on here but could not figure out how to upload a file that size. But I suggest you take a look as it is a nice peek into their production process and quality assurance. And in this day and age that is important. Knowing who you are buying from, what they offer, why they offer and their backing up of the quality. Which Frank Clegg does well.

If you are in the market for some high-quality leather goods to accompany your lifestyle, I suggest that you look no further. Have a gander and let me know which is your favorite piece from their collection. I will further review my bag in another post shortly, so stay tuned for that too!



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