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Allen Trushkov of Cobbler’s Plus and Alberto Suastez of Patinaworksaz just made a very cool collaboration in which Allen added a custom sole with blue welt and yellow midsole and stitching and Alberto created the upper work, bringing to life a shoe dedicated to the University of Michigan Wolverines.

I am not a huge sports fan since MJ left the game (as you recall my logo colors are red and black 😉 but know that there are a lot of die hard sports fans out there. Had one customer of mine do some chukkas with the colors of the Seahawks, my hometown team. They came out really cool. But failing having to put in an MTO with the help of these two talented individuals you can get your pair custom made from your own existing shoes, just as the client in this post did.

When there is will there is way and of course it helps when talented people are there to help! 😉

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