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I am convinced that in our modern day the rules of sartorial dress are going out the door. And I don’t say this in a bad way at all, but more so that what was once considered taboo is now acceptable. Of course, for certain terrible sartorial blunders, this is a bad thing but for the over adherence to the rules of old, like ‘no brown in town’ etc., I can’t lie by saying that I am quite happy that these ideas are going out the door.

That brings us to the picture in this post. You might look at these boots, by Fugashin Saigon, and pretty much think one of two things: 1. These are f***ing ugly, or 2. These are pretty f***ing cool. Pretty sure there is no middle ground here. At first glance, I was thinking, ‘no way,’ but the more that I look at them, I am thinking, ‘why not?’! I mean don’t get me wrong, I would never wear these with a suit but with a pair of jeans, why the heck not?! I think that under a nice pair of tapered denim jeans, and a casually smart jacket this could be an intriguing outfit. I have said it before, and like usual will say it a million times more, for me it is not about having to wear certain things to be considered smart, but more so about how you wear the things that you have that makes you smart looking. Some of the most well-dressed men that I have seen were not in suits, but rather semi-casual†dress attire and simply wore it so well that it looked more elegant than a man in a DB suit. It’s more about how you carry yourself and put your outfit together that deems yours level of dress skill rather than what you actually have on. Loads of guys wearing shitty shoes and baggy suits prove that theory.

So, hey, be like the owner of these pair of boots and don’t be afraid to go out on a limb every now and then and push the boundaries of what is bold vs. classic!

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  1. Err… I think I’d fall into the *** ugly field, I’m afraid… lol! But, I agree… style is not what you wear, but how you wear it! And on second thought, those boots are actually nice…

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