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Singaporean menswear atelier, Yeossal, has recently introduced their new ‘Collection Group Order,’ which is essentially a GMTO of sorts on their Handwelted Boot Range.

This might not seem like news to you, but what is different to other GMTO’s is that you do not have to order the boot exactly as shown. This is just the example of the model that is available, but once you get into the product’s page you can start to adjust the model you want and not just get the model shown. So for example, if you like the feature boot model but want to change the last, sole and leather, that can be done which is not typically offered in GMTO.

On top of being GMTO with no MTO fees, is the fact that they have a reward tier program whereby if they hit certain amounts of boots sold, you will get a further discount on your pair of boots. If they sell 15 pairs of boots, you get 5% off your order. If they sell 40 pairs, you will get 10% off. This is a good reason to spread the news and tell your friends to hope on board. And they only need 6 pairs of this entire collection to be sold to kick things off!

They have even included their new A/W boot selection too with some very cool new balmoral and derby boots. I personally love the derby featured in that lovely hatchgrain and the brogued balmoral boot. That is one sharp piece of footwear!

This crowdfunder will close on Tuesday, 20 October 2020. The estimated delivery? date is late December 2020 to Jan 2021. So while you have around 20 days to get your pair, don’t wait too long and then forget about it, missing out on the discounts.

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