Yeossal Gears up for Autumn with new Boot Models!

Yeossal Gears up for Autumn with new Boot Models!

The Singaporean atelier, Yeossal, who has mainly catered to attire for the Summer Season, as they are based in Singapore where it is never less than 80 degrees F with 90% humidity, has finally branched out and made some boots appealing to their worldwide customer. And I must say they are quite handsome boots indeed!

While apparently not available yet (maybe PreOrder via email?), they have started teasing us on Instagram with some of their new models, and I can only imagine/hope that these two are just the tip of the iceberg with more to follow, or at least in other color offerings. Time shall soon tell.

I am particularly fond of the brpgued balmoral which has some very elegant lines to it and what appears to be on a sloghtly more rounded last than its chisel last counterpart with austerity like design. Also elegant for sure but less my style. However, I imagine thay being the more successful of the two as austerity brogue designs are ‘A la mode’ right now in the welted community.

Wondering if they will have a wingtip or plain toe version coming soon. And potentially one a bit more bulky? Lets see. In the meanwhile, if you fancy what you see here better get aigned up for the newsletter or PreOrder list as Autumn is just around the corner, as I am sure the launch of these is too!

Yeossal Gears up for Autumn with new Boot Models!

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