Yeossal’s New Peak Balmoral Oxford

Yeossal's New Peak Balmoral Oxford

I love when people come up with cool new designs that do not necessarily ‘rock the boat’ but makes a simple change that vastly separates it (the model) from the rest. Such is the case with this new ‘peak’ balmoral oxford, by Yeossal. Now I am unsure if that is what they are calling it as it is not yet on their website but that is what speaks to me when I see this awesome version of a classic oxford. And of course, while most people see oxfords as instruments of monotone coloring, I always see a balmoral oxford as the opportunity for creating a two-tone. Yeossal envisioned that too when creating this and let’s hope that they keep that trend going when they officially add this to their site.

In the meanwhile, I know that you can still order this directly by emailing them up and, of course, the color choices will be up to you. This dark brown calf with light brown hatch grain is quite interesting, but I would like to see it in something a bit more daring. Who will make it?!


Yeossal's New Peak Balmoral Oxford Yeossal's New Peak Balmoral Oxford


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