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It is often that we think that for a pair of work boots for let’s say heavy duty work, that we have to use some Red Wing style (or even more rugged than that) as it somehow befits the territory or thelook. Now, while I can agree with this sentiment if you need a pair of steel toe boots because you deal with things that can crush your toes. for just a normal, say construction job where you are the boss or do less of the labor and more of the leadership role, I do not see why you can’t wear a nice pair of beautiful and well made (read heavy duty) pair of dress style work boots, such as these beauties by Saint Crispins. People (who wear work boots) often think that shoes with high-quality leather (on upper and sole) are going to be delicate for the rougher side of things when in fact, I would put a boot like this against a heavy duty Red Wing any day and believe that I would get more years out of the above. Because a double or triple sole boot with storm or Norwegian welting is going to be as strong as a tank and comfortable too if the last fits your arch properly.

And of course, we cannot all afford Saint Crispins shoes, but with most entry level welted shoe brands, comes an MTO program that can get you something quite beefed up in terms in construction will often run you as much as those heavy duty work boots do, as they are not cheap either!

So if you appreciate a nice pair of shoes/boots and work in a sector that is not office like, don’t be afraid to splurge on a pair of well-made dress boots that are built to take the wear and tear!


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