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Saint Crispin's Launches The Americas
Picture courtesy of Ethan Desu – Bryceland Co.

With the vision of better serving the US market, Viennese brand Saint Crispin, has most recently launched a new branch of their company, titled ‘The Americas.’ As a truly customizable product that is quite unique in its abilities to get bespoke like features at non-bespoke prices, it is sometimes difficult to properly service a clients needs without face-to-face interaction.

Saint Crispin's Launches The Americas
Picture courtesy of Skoaktiebolaget

With the new Americas service, they hope to do just that by offering more private trunk shows across the nation as well as a soon to launch NYC showroom for those that are easily able to travel to the Big Apple on a frequent basis.

Saint Crispin's Launches The Americas

So for those of you in the US who have always been interested in the brand but never had the opportunity to pounce on a trunk show date, now is your chance to get up close and personal service with the new St.C Americas!

Saint Crispin's Launches The Americas

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