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Paolo Scafora Claymoors List2
PIcture courtesy of Claymoor’s List

Putting multiple colors in one shoe is never easy. Doing it well is even harder, particularly when there is more than 2 colors involved. Of course, with patina these days it seems not quite as magical especially as it is becoming more and more prevalent within the shoe industry. What I liked about this Paolo Scafora model is that the patina is so subtle that it almost looks unintentional as if it aged that way. The shoe, being olive green at heart, really offers something so much more than simply a green oxford with its hints of tan, dark brown and reddish tones. The darkening of the brogueing makes it even that much more special (at least for me). And while the French can lay claim to the art of the Patina, the Italians do it quite well for their RTW collections, as clearly shown….

1 thought on “Varied Colors by Paolo Scafora”

  1. I remember almost 10 years ago, purchasing a pair of Sutor Montelassi in Florence because of their three tones antiguishing patina. At the time they were really a kinfd of precursor.

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