Riccardo Bestetti 'Maverick' - My Favorite Adelaide

Out of all of the “very classic” oxford styles (saddle not included in this ideology) the adelaide is probably among my top favorites. The fact that the separation of the facing is there just allows for a much more interesting look in the shoe, particularly because the vamp extends all the way to the back side of the quarter. And out of all of the adelaides, the Riccardo Bestetti ‘Maverick’ on the almond shape last is probably the cream of the crop for me. Here you can see it in numerous shades all of which are outstanding, not least of all being the dark “British Racing Green,” which for me is just as elegant as the black. Question is, why is is not more prevalent?!

Riccardo Bestetti 'Maverick' - My Favorite Adelaide Riccardo Bestetti 'Maverick' - My Favorite Adelaide Riccardo Bestetti 'Maverick' - My Favorite Adelaide Riccardo Bestetti 'Maverick' - My Favorite Adelaide


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5 thoughts on “Riccardo Bestetti ‘Maverick’ – My Favorite Adelaide”

  1. Justin, any plans to do some racing green models yourself? It’s a pretty popular shade for the iGent crowd, but at the moment it seems pretty tricky to find without shelling out G & G level money for it. I think it might be a pretty good niche for you.

  2. British Racing Green is a fabulous and much under used and underrated colour for men’s shoes.
    Why indeed is it not more prevalent. Perhaps the men’s footwear cognoscenti – such as your good self, Justin – need to get the message out there?

  3. Where to get a good box calf in British Racing Green is the question? We’d definitely be in. French navy, British Racing Green and Burgundy. Hmmmm

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