Mario Bemer Bespoke
The side profile of Mario Bemer’s bespoke shoes are always flawless in my eyes. Now when I say flawless normally I am talking about the making side but in Mario’s shoes, not only do I mean the making but mainly I am talking about the shoes pattern and details in absolute proportion. You see the Japanese makers will have flawless craftsmanship but the proportions to their shoes and patterns are not always there for me. Some English makers will be overly robust shoes which for me are not proportionate. But Mario’s bespoke shoes are immaculate when it comes to the size of the heel, the length of the vamp and waist, the pattern as a whole, every single details that makes a shoe beautiful is freaking spot on in Mario’s bespoke shoes. And this shoe is proof of that. There is not one thing wrong with it. Plain and simple. Well done Mario!

Mario Bemer Bespoke
On another note, we have two developments on The Shoe Snob/J.FitzPatrick Footwear side of things:

  1. We have discounted our David boot model in collaboration with Dandy Shoe Care from 475 to 395 (ex VAT 329.17)
  2. We just received a refill on our Alderwood shoe trees in sizes UK6 (US7), UK7 (US8) and UK12 (US13). More refills to come shortly.

Mario Bemer Bespoke Mario Bemer Bespoke


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1 thought on “Mario Bemer Bespoke”

  1. First thing I said out aloud when seeing this BEAUTIFUL shoe was “Wow”, though nobody else but me was in the room. But second thing I thought was: “Hey, this shoe has to little toe spring”.
    So, did I learn this right from your most interesting tutorial about Toe spring, or not?
    Yours, Giorgio.

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