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Progression is a beautiful thing, no matter what field it is in. To see someone grow and create new and exciting things is one of the pleasures of life. And while I personally believe that we all have the ability to create in one capacity or another, it is obvious that some use that ability far more so than others. Before Mario Bemer ever joined the shoe industry, helping his late brother Stefano with growing his brand, he was a successful restaurateur (if I remember correctly). To me, good business acumen and an eye for creativity can be spread across nearly all industries if one was to put their mind to it. Therefore, while Mario’s original strengths most likely laid in the restaurant industry, I believe that over time he transferred those skills to the shoe side of things. And with that, he has created many interesting and unique designs/styles within his new range of shoes of which are always a pleasure to see. Here are just a few of those with I am sure, many more to come. Enjoy!


This is a bespoke model
This is a bespoke model

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