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Have you ever wondered why the majority of cordovan leather comes in a burgundy color when in fact, it can be made in any color, such as this brown pair of Edward Green Oundles? Well, as I don’t know why, I cannot comment further on the matter, but if you happen to, please feel free to leave a comment. Nevertheless, I find myself always being attracted to shoes that come in cordovan leather that is in a different-than-normal color, such as the green pair that Stefano Bemer made or this pair here. And even though I have never really been a fan of the idea of wearing a pair of shoes whose upper leather is as stiff as its sole leather, I have always been so curious about them and having one, maybe just for show…However, I think that I would probably commission one in a blue color of sorts, maybe one shady lighter than navy, as I think that the natural shimmer that cordovan creates, would be lovely in blue. But back to the subject, this pair here is exquisite, not just because it’s one of the most handsome monk straps ever made, but because that brown shade of cordovan looks fantastic!

Pictures Courtesy of Leather Soul

4 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Edward Green Oundle”

  1. What a nice “Monkford” !

    It’s really impressive how EG can evocate an aura of composed Britishness, through subtle aesthetic suggestions (color shades, Triumph-interior-like piping, buckle type…); the same model, made by Emling, seems quintessentially French!

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