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Many people may associate Grenson with their relatively new stylized shoe range made in India that have been blowing-away the fashion side of the shoe industry, but what many people tend to forget is that Grenson still make a very nice, well-made classic shoe, right here in England. And that nice shoe can be found through their Heritage and Ground Zero collections as shown by the models presented here. The longwing brogues are to die for and I am quite keen on that two toned full brogue too (although I would be happier without that toe turn up!) As you can also see, they do very nice and clean closed-channel sole, something that always seems to differentiate one brands skills from the next. And as nice as these shoes are, it disappoints me that these ranges only make up a fraction of their entire collection, only having a few models on offer season after season. But I guess that is business as the higher profit margins will always lie in the shoes made in the Far East. Nevertheless, it pleases me to see that they at least still keep this side of the business alive and with that, create some very intriguing models….!

3 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week – Grenson Heritage/Ground Zero Collections”

  1. Can’t find the navy shoes in the first pic, searched Grenson’s site. Do you have a link please? Thanks 🙂

  2. That longwing derby from Grenson was part of the SS12 collection I think, as Justin said. They don’t seem to be in the higher end (G Zero or G 1) collections for this season though.

    There is a similar shoe called “Sid” that has featured in various colour combinations and still does in the new AW12 line. But “Sid” has a split welt, and is made in India like the rest of the “G 2” collections. It’s about 200, although there were some as cheap as half price in the summer sales, so I would imagine there will be again come January.

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