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Fancy a bit of indigo suede for our lovely Spring season? Well, now you can get some, in the wonderful Malvern model by Edward Green. There really is nothing like a little bit of bluey-purple, purpley-blue suede on a pair of dress shoes. It just really makes them pop, in quite a nice way too. It’s bright without being ostentatious, it’s tasteful without being overbearing, and it’s just plain good because it’s Edward Green. A shoe like this is truly amazing for the Spring/Summer seasons and it can really get you through a lot of situations, not only in a casual way, but also in a formal way. Now, when I say formal, I am obviously not referring to black tie, but the sort of formal that happens in the Spring, sort of a casual formal. I feel like formal events in Spring/Summer are usually a bit more on the relaxed side as opposed to a formal gathering in the Fall/Winter. I don’t know why…maybe a dark sky needs dark colors and a light sky needs lighter colors….? Nevertheless, for me, a brogue in suede is as formal as one needs to be when the sun is blazing, and this pair here is will certainly set you apart from all those wearing snuff suede….

I hope that everyone who celebrates Easter has a lovely weekend, and those that don’t I hope that you have a lovely weekend nonetheless. That being though, I will be in Wales, far away from an internet connection and will therefore be out of commission until Tuesday.

All the best,

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

6 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week – Edward Green”

  1. another artwork by Edward Green…….very nice looking socks as well…….they’re unique,thanks for posting Justin………..

  2. fyi, I bought some pairs of those plain bright blue socks from Richard James (not an easy find, as I think they may be ‘last season’) – approx. 15-18 per pair.

  3. Alonzo Bishop

    Hi Justin… I own a pair of these in a deep Navy Blue, and love them! After my first wearing though, I became concerned by a discoloration forming where the wingtip meets the flex point? The normal crease I would expect, but I’m worried that continuous wear might leave them permanently discolored? Please let me know your thoughts… These are my first wingtips. I always have preferred cap toes or plain toed shoes. Best…

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